Company culture

Hello, I am the owner of DesignFirst and I want to tell you what are the values my company is being built on. Throughout my experience as R&D Consultant abroad and R&D Engineer at home, I have seen very successful strategies and I have seen quite some amount of broken decision making processes.

In DesignFirst, I am putting the human element first, because Clients determine which business provides the best value and Teams are the reason for the success of any one company. Bottom line - People are the source of creativity and success.

Our engineering team can overweight a project schedule in order to be successful. Because at the current pace of the technological sector, it often happens the exact opposite in the Industry, a project schedule drives decisions rather than the sound engineering view. But it is my responsibility as owner to ensure the success of projects and recognize the team's critical input, individual or unanimous, because critical thinking is what can make any project successful.

Coincidentally, in the words of Steve Jobs: "I do not hire smart people to tell them what to do, I hire smart people to listen to them". To me this is common sense. Having a team of people, who share this culture enables us to think-through our steps and enjoy our work.

Solving real problems really well
takes a Team of smart people.

Dimi, Owner of DesignFirst OÜ